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Ei voi mitää noitten kasvukyvyttömien kanssa; Sivu suojattu Ip (aka vandaali) käyttäjiltä. Oppikaa paremmille tavoille ja lukekaa runewikin säännöt! --Aku ankka Asiaa?
13. huhtikuuta 2010 kello 16.07 (UTC)


Mikäköhä on warpedin boss jos yk'lagor on viimeinen boss? Lieneekö joku vanhoista vai onko yk'lagorin jälkeen sittenkin vielä joku boss? =0 Noh, odotellaan uptadea. Laskin muuten että sitten floor 60 aukeaa dung levelillä 110-120.

En tiedä. --SMX Keskustelu 4. elokuuta 2010 kello 08.58 (UTC)


Malline:Main Once you enter a boss room it will be nearly impossible to exit through the door during the fight. It's highly recommended that you create a gatestone before entering the boss room to minimise the number of deaths.

Floor Type Boss Name Dungeoneering Level Required Floors Drops Description


(Floors 1-11)

Gluttonous Behemoth 1 1-11 Boots Heals by eating bovimastyx carcasses. Stand between it and the carcasses to prevent this. Its weakness is crush.
Astea Frostweb 1 1-11 Shoes Summons Ice spiders, switches between all three protection prayers and can use ice barrage. Her weakness is range. Even while using protection prayers, she can still kill you.
Icy Bones 1 1-11 Vambraces Creates damaging stalagmites around the room that block movement, stand next to him to avoid. Uses Melee and a Ranged technique. Can hit through Prayer.
Luminescent Icefiend 5 3-11 Daggers Calls forth a barrage of icicles that must be avoided by running around the room until the icicles stop (the icicles cannot kill you). Uses Range and Magic.
Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz 11 6-11 Gauntlets Players must slip across ice to reach the boss, who pushes them away. Uses multiple styles and can hit all players simultaneously with Ranged technique.
To'Kash the Bloodchiller 17 9-11 Mage gloves Freezes the player and then shatters the ice for increased damage. Can hit through Prayer. If you are doing this with 2 people, the other player can unfreeze you without getting hurt.

Abandoned 1

Also found in Abandoned 2

(Floors 12-17)

Divine Skinweaver,
Skeletal Horde
23 12-17, 30-35 Helms The Divine Skinweaver heals players during the Skeletal Horde, which keep spawning until the entrance routes are blocked off. You must stay near her or she will not heal you. Only block the tunnels when the Divine Skinweaver tells you to. Attempting to block entrances too early results in damage.
Hobgoblin Geomancer 23 12-17, 30-35 Range boots Disables prayers. Binds a player and then Teleports around the room. Also uses curse spells. He may also heal when he disables prayer.
Bulwark beast 23 12-17, 30-35

Pickaxe or


Armour must be broken with a pickaxe before it can be damaged by melee or range. Uses all 3 styles of attacks.
Unholy cursebearer 29 15-17, 30-35 Staves Reduces the player's combat stats, though the stats can be restored at the cost of healing the Cursebearer by using the Unholy Font. Uses Magic and Melee.


(Floors 18-29)

Rammernaut 35 18-29 Mauls Occasionally charges at the player, stunning them and reduces defence and disables prayer. Will only use melee attacks.
Stomp 35 18-29 Coif Players must avoid falling rocks while collecting lodestones to stop it healing at three intervals. Players must charge the lodestones 3 times to kill him.
Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter 35 18-29 Rapiers Drains prayer and creates portals with stat reduction, poisoning and damaging effects. If you pray against his melee, he will hit through the prayer.
Lexicus Runewright 39 20-29 Hoods Deflects up to 1/3 melee damage that you deal, summons books that attack with mage, range, and melee (the books can be attacked). He uses a "Book Barrage" that is capable of killing a player in one hit if hit directly. When he says Book Barrage, get away; multiple books will go toward your spot and explode, dealing heavy damage.. His weakness is Ranged and Melee.
Sagittare 45 23-29 Longbows Has protect from range for the duration of the battle and teleports around the spiral-shaped room. Occasionally makes the player unable to run. His magic attack can bind a player to a spot for 10–15 seconds.
Night-gazer Khighorahk 51 26-29 Plateskirts Periodically has an attack that smashes the ground and knocks back players using melee. Players must light "pillars of light" (tinderbox not required) in the corners of the room in order to do damage to the first form. Respawns after it is killed the first time in a weaker form. Can stun a player for up to 20 seconds, depending on the boss's combat level.

Abandoned 2

(Floors 30-35)

Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan 59 30-35 Kiteshields Uses two kinds of area attack (spitting and spinning body which is melee based) and periodically sends out a force that deals heavy damage and reduces target's stats dramatically if hit. Can very easily kill players in a few seconds.
Bal'lak the Pummeller 65 33-35 Warhammers Has a defence that increases over time. Lure onto green portals or teleport out of the room to lower his defence. If teleporting out it takes approximately 30 seconds to fully reset defence.


(Floors 36-47)

Skeletal trio 71 36-47 Shortbows Three skeletons who use one individual attack style. It is recommended to kill the mage first, then the warrior, and lastly the ranger.
Runebound behemoth 71 36-47 Robe bottoms Protects against all forms of combat. Disenchant the crystals to temporarily keep him from praying from a particular type of combat.
Gravecreeper 71 36-47 Chainbodies Protect against range when you face him. His special attack is similar to that of the Riftsplitter and can be easily escaped by moving away from it. Make sure to stay away from the purple insignias on the floors as those vents also release a special attack. Beware of him as he also keeps moving around the room through the vents. Overall, this boss is a major problem for all dungeons.
Necrolord 77 39-47 Chaps A necromancer who will summon impassible obstacles near him, thus either ranged or magic is a must for this boss. Summons skeletons to fight with him.
Flesh-Spoiler Haasghenahk 83 42-47 Platelegs The Flesh-Spoiler is similar to the Kalphite Queen in terms of transformation. When it's first form is killed, it's outer body explodes and spawns Flesh-Spoiler spawns to help it.
Yk'Lagor the Thunderous 89 45-47 Battleaxes You must kill the mages who are trying to absorb its power until Yk'Lagor says "My turn!". You can start attacking it right after he says "You dare steal my power!". When he says "Come closer!", he will drag you across. When he says "This is...", it will take a few seconds before he says "TRUE POWER!", which you will take a lot of damage with. To evade these two special attacks, simply hide behind the pillars in the room.


(Floors 48-60)

Possibly Bilrach (95+) (48+) Unknown *To be released, confirmed by Mod Mark that floor 60 would be the last floor.
Possibly Kal'Ger the Warmonger (95+) (48+) Unknown *In sequence of the bosses of the Kalgerion race, this monster was named as the leader of the race. So it's possible that this could be the last Kalgerion boss


En tiedä, onko luolastus niin hyvä suomennos. Mutta parempaakaan ei kyllä löydy, sillä tuolle on mielettömän vaikea keksiä oikeaoppista suomennosta. Jos joku keksii paremman suomennoksen, voisi ilmoittaa tälle sivulle. --Cooking for the win! Noob94 - Lähetä viesti! Cooking for the win! 9. syyskuuta 2010 kello 14.14 (UTC)

Parempi suomennos olisi "Luolatutkija" ja jokin vastaava. --SMX Keskustelu 9. syyskuuta 2010 kello 14.20 (UTC)
Ajattelin juuri tehdä keskustelun Dungeoneeringin suomennoksesta.. tai Luolatutkinta 4rr0w k1ll1 9. syyskuuta 2010 kello 14.25 (UTC)