Grand Exchange Market Watch/Uncategorised

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Note: This is a temporary holding page for Exchange articles that need to be categorised to the proper GEMW page. Grand Exchange Market Watch/Other category is for those that do not fit an existing GEMW category. After the What links here is cleared out, this page should then be deleted.

See What links here for complete listing of recently added Exchange articles that need GEMW categories.

1. Pick an Exchange article

2. Edit the entry *This template is used in Grand Exchange Market Watch/Uncategorised

3. Change 'Uncategorised' to proper GEMW page e.g. 'Cooking' . See GEMW Details column for correct category name. e.g. Grand Exchange Market Watch/Cooking

4. Add the Exchange item to that GEMW page. e.g. {{GEItem|Raw beef}}

Reason for Creation[muokkaa]

This page is intended to keep track of all new exchange articles so they don't go without being categorised.