Grand Exchange Market Watch/Documentation

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For the article, see Grand Exchange Market Watch

The Grand Exchange Market Watch grew from a need to track trading prices of the Grand Exchange without having to update the prices in the multiple articles for the same item. This article provides the documentation and technical background for editors to understand the workings of the Grand Exchange Market Watch.


Transclusion (the use of the template functionality of MediaWiki to include the same content in multiple articles without having to edit those articles separately) is used in the Grand Exchange Market Watch for an item's average trading price.

By updating the price in only one article (e.g. Exchange:Ranarr seed), the new price will also appear in:

See Special:Whatlinkshere/Exchange:Ranarr seed for the linkages.


Updating the price of Ranarr seeds in Grand Exchange Market Watch/Farming will update the changes in the article Ranarr seed automatically since the Ranarr seed Infobox Item parameter 'exchange = gemw' which calls 'Template:GEPrice|Ranarr seed' for the price, which currently is '40 800' coins.

Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Store Details Days Last updated
Ranarr seed Ranarr seed 40 800
Up .png
7 11 vieweditgraph 3577 12:03, 1 December 2009 (UTC)

GEMW templates used[muokkaa]

Other templates:

  • Template:! - a work around for allowing templates to create the pipe character --> | <--

Item article templates affected[muokkaa]


Market Indexes[muokkaa]

Price direction arrows[muokkaa]

History graphs[muokkaa]

Tiedosto:GEMH Ranarr seed.png
GEMW history graph for Ranarr seed

Draft - Talk:Grand_Exchange_Market_Watch#History_Graphs

draft - User_talk:Robert_Horning#Price_History_Charts

Edit help[muokkaa]

Draft - Talk:Grand_Exchange_Market_Watch/Archive_1#Adding_.22edit_help.22_when_manually_editing_exchange_prices

Applications beyond GEMW[muokkaa]

Technical issues[muokkaa]

Template expansion limit[muokkaa]

There is a limit of 2,097,152 bytes allowed for template expansion. When this limit is exceeded, template expansion stops working, the rest of the page just shows errors from incomplete expansions. For example:

  • (#ifexpr: 0 or 0)
  • (Template:GEPrice)

The actual expansion errors are written in the article's "Page Source" (Browser: IE:View-->Source, Firefox: View-->Page Source) as hidden comments '...Template:GEItem ... WARNING: template omitted, pre-expand include size too large'.

Example: problem when adding too many black and white items on Grand_Exchange_Market_Watch/Melee [1].

View 'Page source' on browser and search on 'Pre-expand':

Pre-expand include size: 2096906 bytes
Post-expand include size: 581635 bytes
Template argument size: 276200 bytes
Maximum: 2097152 bytes

Common errors/Troubleshooting[muokkaa]

draft - Talk:Grand_Exchange_Market_Watch/Archive_1#Snakeskin_showing_up_as_Snake_hide_and_Yak-hide_going_to_Exchange:Yak_hide need to simplify...

  • Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "," appearing in Direction column - click on 'edit' to edit corresponding Exchange: article and remove comma from Price value.

See also[muokkaa]