Grand Exchange Database

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Not to be confused with the Grand Exchange itself, nor this wiki's Grand Exchange Market Watch.

The Grand Exchange Database, very similar to this wiki's own Grand Exchange Market Watch, is a feature on the RuneScape website, allowing players, both free and members, to view price changes of a specific item over the previous 180 days.

Using the database[muokkaa]

The interface of the Grand Exchange Database

Users of the database can search items by choosing the letters on the left or just type the name of the item under the marquee in the "search" box, then select the price range and whether the item is member-only or non-member or both.

Note that the search result may be a little bit sidetracked. For example, "Guthix page" would result in items named with "Guthix" or "page" or are "Guthix"-related. However, wrapping "Guthix page" in quotation marks (") in the search box in the database would result in a more precise search.[1] The yellow and grey stars before the picture of the item in the search results indicate that the items are member-only and non-member respectively.

Prices above 10,000 coins are rounded to 10k, while prices above 1 million are rounded to 1.0m.

Tracking personalised items[muokkaa]

Using Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc, it is possible to track several personalised items at once.

  • Search for an item, and narrow down the number of items in the search to the tracked items. This is done by adding minus signs (-) before a term which needs to be excluded, for example, to exclude any items with "wine" in it, type -wine.
  • Copy the address from the address bar, and go to Microsoft Excel. Click "Data" on the main toolbar, scroll down to "Get External Data', and click "New Web Query'.
  • Insert the address in the correct text box.
    • For Excel 2005 and earlier: Put the address in the correct box. Click the check box for "Only the Tables" and "Full HTML Formatting'. Click OK.
    • For Excel 2003 and later: Put the address in the address bar, and the page will be soon. Click the arrow in a box next to the table that contains the item(s). Click options and click the box that says "Full HTML Formatting". Click Import.
    • For Excel 2007 and 2010: Under the "Data" tab, and the "Get External Data" group click on "From Web". Enter the item's address into the Address bar and hit Enter. Click the arrow at the top left of the page, and click "Import", located at the bottom left of the window. Choose which cell to enter the data into, and click OK. The data should appear in a few seconds.
    • For Open Office Calc: Under the "Insert" tab, click on "Link To External Data". Enter the item's URL and click OK. The data should appear in a few seconds.
  • If the data needs to be imported without the pictures or colour (i.e. just the text), make sure "None" is selected under "Options -> Formatting" before the data is imported.
  • To update, click "Data", and click "Refresh Data".


Tiedosto:Rise And Fall.PNG
Many items were on both the rise and fall chart.
  • There are many features in the Grand Exchange Database that resemble the stock market. Examples are the price graph, and the scrolling prices in the Grand Exchange banner at the top of the page.
  • While most people easily identify with the concept of a stock market, the Grand Exchange is actually a commodities market.
  • As of 10 March 2010, there are 3,156 items in the Grand Exchange Database, as determined by the number of pages in Category:Grand Exchange that are in the Exchange namespace on this wiki.


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